Monday, March 19, 2007

George Gone Mad !

They always told me that singers get drunk before going on the stage to preform , i doubted it before , but now i'm dead sure

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Milikan's Oil Drop Experiment :D

It's one of my intermediate laboratory experiments, in this one i'm supposed to follow the path of a charged oil drop in the middle of an electric feild in the opposite direction of the gravitational force , so , while i was waiting for one of the oil drops to fall down , in order to record the time it spent to reach the end of the path , but it seemed that it was never going to happen !
All of the oil drops didn't respond and all they did is staying where they are , and as you may have guessed , i lost temper , because i spent almost two hours waiting for it's "Majesty" to fall down before swtching on the electric feild , so i started to talk to it and begged it to come down Oh God and still , none responded . So i started to yell at the oil drop .. Yes I did ! i said : " come on fatso " O ba3deen

All the students in the lab heard the angry conversation between me and the oil drop , and they were like : "Dear God , She Must Have Lost It !" No i didn't , yet !

After that , a friend of mine ,came in and tried to continue the damn expirement for me chinese
Finally , i discovered that my measurements of the electron charge using this drop were very close to the real one !

I'll always remember that stupid drop , and forever hate it !